Tift Regional Health Systems mission statement is to serve the health needs of the patient as well as those of the community. To help meet this goal, the Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation was formed. Foundation contributors have provided funds that directly impact patient care now and for years to come.

Since its incorporation in 1985, the Foundation has supplied financial support to Tift Regional assisting with patient-oriented projects. The Foundation's goal is to provide quality patient care through safe and effective medical equipment to aid in diagnosis and care of patients; financial assistance for the underprivileged, along with housing of state of the art equipment.

To fund these projects, Tift Regional relies on funds from services and corporate bonds. Special community oriented projects; such as educational and preventional plans, fall under this endeavor. The Foundation is committed in making our community a secure and vigorous one. This will be obtained through special projects such as the "Heart Safe Community."

About Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation

The Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation was established in the early 1980's by Homer Rankin and the John H. Dorminy family. Their vision for the community as well as their local hospital, led to the creation of the Tift General Hospital Foundation. Using their personal funds to begin this charitable organization, they formed a non-profit organization that would be focused on assisting patients and providing state-of-the- art care through the purchase of new equipment.

The Foundation has grown over the years, and has touched many lives. In the past three years, the Foundation has assisted over 500 families and has spent over 1.3 million dollars on families in Tift and surrounding counties. We strive to make a difference in our community and are focused on providing quality care, with a positive impact on those around us.

The assistance the Foundation gives is tangible and provides real-world impact. From programs helping with patients with medical bills, living expenses, medication, transportation to treatments to equipment purchases such as automatic external defibrillators and scholarships to ensure a well trained work force, the Foundation contributes to the betterment of health care in South Georgia every day.

If you are interested in being a part of the Foundation, please give us a call. Whether your interest is charitable giving from a tax or estate planning viewpoint, a corporate donation or in making a contribution to help families in their time of need, Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation is an organization worthy of your consideration.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. William Hancock, Chairman
  • Joe Pope, Vice-Chairman
  • Mrs. Mary Perlis, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mr. Chris Dorman
  • Mrs. Angie Hunt
  • Mr. Joe Manning
  • Dr. Margaret Richardson-Nixon
  • Mrs. Anita Stewart Stovall
  • Dr. Joe Turner
  • Mrs. Mandy Brooks - Executive Director
  • Mrs. Tamara Branch - Legal Counsel