Founder Functions

Our members enjoy several fun events during the year; some are fundraisers, other events serve as a way for those interested in becoming a founder.  We have a Photography Program for founders.  This is where founder portraits are hung within the hospital.  To schedule your appointment, call the Foundation today! 

Below are photographs of our recent events:

Foundation Members

The Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation gratefully acknowledges the many individuals and organizations that contribute and support our quest for excellence in patient care.

Corporate Founders

Platinum [$250,000 and above]

  • John H. Dorminy Foundation, Inc.

Silver Medallion [$30,000]

  • First Community Bank of Tifton
  • Perkins & Will

Bronze Medallion [$15,000]

  • 31 North Capital Partners
  • Jones Construction Company
  • Master Craft Photography
  • Montgomery Promotions Company
  • The Big Picture, Inc.
  • Tifton Aluminum

Individual Founders

Platinum Founder [$250,000 and above]

  • Mrs. Anita Stewart Stovall

Gold Founder [$100,000]

  • Dr. and Mrs. Sammie Dixon *
  • Dr. and Mrs. John H. Dorminy, III (Dr. Dorminy*)

Silver Founder [$50,000]

  • Mr. Ashley Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Riddle
  • Mr. Ray Jensen*

Key Founder [$25,000]

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Brownlee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dorminy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Gilbert
  • Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Hawes
  • Dr. and Mrs. Charles Pfister
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Powell
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Prince
  • Dr. and Mrs. Don Roberts (Mrs. Roberts*)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Sapp (Dr. Sapp*)
  • Dr. James W. Scott
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Simmons
  • Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Southwell *
  • Mr. and Mrs. Homer Rankin *

Founder [$10,000]

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Allen
  • Dr. and Mrs. Greg Anderson
  • Mr. Edward and Dr. Bridgett Asbury
  • Charles W. Barfield *
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gary Baxter
  • Mr. Doug and Dr. Jessica Beier
  • Mrs. Idalu H. Bishop
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Branch
  • Ms. Elaine Branch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brooks
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kent Burton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Byrnes
  • John and Viola Carswell Family *
  • Dr. Paul Cartwright
  • Mr. and Mrs. Emory Clements
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cohen *
  • Mr. Ronnie C. Daniel
  • Dr. Bill Davis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Dorman
  • ABC Dorminy Family
  • Mr. Jim Dorminy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kelley Douglas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tony Eaton
  • Mr. Christopher and Dr. Lora Efaw (Dr. Efaw*)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ellis
  • Alice Austin Estate *
  • Mr. Jerry Ethridge
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ray Evans
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dave Ferner
  • Mr. Aubrey Garrison *
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bill Hancock
  • Dr. and Mrs. William Hayes
  • Dr. Raleigh Haynes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Skip Hill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adam Houston
  • Mr. N.G. Houston, III *
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Hunt (Mr. Hunt*)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hurt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson (Mr. Johnson*)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joel Johnson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bill Kaiser
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kemp (Mr. Kemp*)
  • Dr. Jian Li
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joe C. Liu
  • Jim and Lynn Lovett
  • Dr. and Mrs. James MacDonald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jody Matt, III (Mr. Matt*)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard McCullough
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ted McElroy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Moore
  • Dr. and Mrs. Larry Moorman
  • Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Mordel
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Nixon
  • Dr. Rubal Patel and John Mobley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs Patrick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pearson
  • Mr. Don Pearson, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perlis
  • Dr. Keith Phillippi
  • Parker Poe Charitable Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pope
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mason Price
  • Dr. Melissa Rampal
  • Reinhardt, Whitley, Summerlin and Pittman, PC
  • Mr. and Mrs. William T. Richardson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sauls
  • Dr. and Mrs. Rehan Shah
  • Mr. John S. Sims, Jr. *
  • Dr. Sara Smith
  • Dr. William Smith
  • Southern Regional Technical College Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Summerlin (Mr. Summerlin*)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sumner
  • Dr. Pamela H. Temples
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Turner (Mrs. Turner*)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Tyson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monty Veazey
  • Dr. Bret Wagenhorst
  • Mrs. Tonia Waldrop
  • Dr. Betty Walker-Richardson
  • Mrs. Ramona Ward
  • Dr. and Mrs. R.P. Wight, Jr. (Dr. Wight*)
  • Mr. Larry Willis *
  • Ms. Virginia Wilson *
  • Bobby and Nikki Yarbrough

* Deceased
Every effort has been made to include all Founders and credit appropriate contributors. If any accidental oversights have been made, please call (229) 391-3310.